CosSLAY Saturday: Little Sparkz Cosplay

Master Chromie Photo by Tony Julius

I am so excited to officially announce a new series called CosSLAY SATURDAY, where I interview some incredible cosplayers that (are you ready for it) SLAY.

Kicking off the series is a cosplayer I am personally IN LOVE with known as Little Sparkz. You might have seen her around dawning her Master Chromie cosplay, and I am so excited to get this interview started.

Of the cosplays you have done, which is your favorite and why?

Masterskin Chromie from Heroes of the Storm is my favorite. It gets the best response from fans. I've cosplayed as Warcraft Chromie as well, but many people think I'm a dwarf priest or something like that. The masterskin Chromie is unmistakable and people love seeing her come to life.

Little Sparkz Chromie Cosplay

Warcraft Chromie photo by Kelvin at

If time and cost weren't a factor, what is your dream cosplay?

A custom designed Ultimate Chromie would likely be my dream cosplay. I have ideas and an artist in mind for it but it might be a little out of my price range for a while.

Are you more comfortable with sewing or armor making?

Definitely more comfortable with armor. I avoid fabric heavy costumes.

Are there any tips you've picked up along the way that has made crafting easier that you can share?

Crafting with foam I found that having a flex shaft for my dremel has made the biggest difference in getting smooth clean shapes.

Elune by Little Sparkz

Elune Cosplay photo by Model Mosa

Why do you cosplay? 

Cosplay has helped me a ton with my anxiety. Out of costume I'm typically quite shy and being in costume and becoming a character has really helped me break out of my shell. I've made so many friends and have gotten to do so many crazy things that I never thought I would be able to do, like attending the Hollywood premier of the Warcraft movie and being part of Weird Al's entrance during the concert last Blizzcon. I also have always loved crafting and art and being able to wear and show off the things I make is really rewarding.

What is a favorite memory from doing cosplay?

I've gotten to meet several of my heroes. The first one I met was Kamui. I approached her while wearing my very first costume at Blizzcon 2014 and she got so excited seeing it and gave me wonderful compliments. It made me much more confident and actually made me brave enough to ask to walk the stage during the contest. I didn't get judged that year but being on stage was incredible and I've done it every year since.

Who are some of your favorite cosplayers and why (and where can we find them?)

Egg Sisters Cosplay make incredible costumes and seeing their first undead rogue in photos online after they wore it to Blizzcon many years ago really inspired me to get interested in cosplay and sparked my want to make my very own costume. They truly become their characters with very detailed sculpts for masks, facial appliances and makeup, they're an awesome team.  

Jessica Nigri is another inspiration to me. She is not only comfortable and confident with herself and is able to make adorable sexy costumes, but more recently has gotten deep into very detailed armor cosplays and I admire her ability to do both. 

Kaolinite Cosplay is another of my favorites. She makes incredible original characters. Her high level of detail with sewing and worbla to make exquisite dresses as well as jewelry and accessories always takes my breath away. 

Cenarius and Master Chromie Cosplay by Little Sparkz

Photo 1: Cenarius by Beethy Photography / Photo 2: Master Chromie by Tony Julius Photography

What are some of your favorite cosplay resources?

Kamui has awesome digital and physical books as well as tutorials on many different techniques.

Punished Props was my go to for learning how to work with foam while making my very first costume. My most used material is EVA foam and is a wonderful source for foam to make some of the cleanest costumes possible. 

Where can we follow you online, and are there any other projects or platforms you'd like to promote in this interview?

I've been streaming most days over on Twitch where people can watch me craft my current costume live or watch my recorded sessions

You can also find Little Sparkz on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (handle is @LittleSparkzLFG).


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