CosSLAY Saturday: Alexandria the Geek

Alexandria the Geek

Photo by Katie Jean Photography

Alexandria is absolutely one of my favorite cosplayers out there. I was so fortunate to get to see her at Wondercon a few years back, cosplaying Thranduil, and I was blown away. Since then, I've swooned just as much over her Rocket Raccoon and Hippolyta, and I can't wait to share her interview with you all. 

First things first, of the cosplays you have done, which is your favorite and why?

Oh man, this is a tough one. Honestly it would have to be either Honey Lemon or Queen Hippolyta. I have amazing memories in Honey Lemon, and seeing kids light up when I wore her gave me butterflies. Queen Hippolyta is my favorite in that it was the most challenging build I have done to date. I can’t help but feel super awesome when I wear her!

If time and cost weren't a factor, what is your dream cosplay?

This is a tough one. I would like to make Anastasia’s ball gown from the movie. It has been a dream of mine since the first time I saw the movie as a little girl; so many pretty layers of fabric, and her crown!

Alexandria the Geek by Katie Jean Photography

Photo by Katie Jean Photography

Are you more comfortable with sewing or armor making?

I’m probably more comfortable with armor making, although my sewing skills level up with each sewed cosplay. I like to challenge myself with each cosplay to learn at least one new technique. However, overall, I am more in my element with foam and a heat gun.

Are there any tips you've picked up along the way that has made crafting easier that you can share?

Other than being patient?- Hah! Measure twice and cut once? I’ve utilized my friends for advice on techniques for both sewing and crafting and most of the time it is all about trial and error (I usually learn the hard way).

Alexandria the Geek

Hippolyta Photo by York in a Box / Thranduil Photo by Katie Jean Photography

Why do you cosplay? What about it brings you joy?

I originally started cosplaying because it was an outlet. My studies focus on intense sciences, so I needed a way to utilize the creative side to myself. I love trying to bring characters to life, and meeting new people in the process who share the love of cosplay as well!

What is a favorite memory from doing cosplay? Maybe a convention experience, a challenge you overcame, meeting a hero, etc?

I have two, for separate reasons. At SDCC’15 our Big Hero 6 group participated in the masquerade and the experience was overwhelming. We won the largest award they ever given but honestly, it was performing with people who enjoyed the craft and hearing everyone in the crowd appreciate what we created that made it an amazing experience.

Secondly, I met my idol Katee Sackoff at Wizard World Portland a year later. Battlestar Galactica was a huge influence for me, and when I met her for a photo op to show her that I had Starbuck’s tattoo I cried, she cried, it was a great experience.

Who are some of your favorite cosplayers and why (and where can we find them?)

Kamui Cosplay and Steff Von Schweets were both my cosplay senpais from the beginning. They inspired me to get into cosplay and challenge myself with each new project. I follow them on both IG and FB with those handles.

Alexandria the Geek

Photo by Joits Photography

What are some of your favorite cosplay resources?

I follow a lot of cosplayers that post tutorials or offer cosplay books that help with sewing or armor making. (Kamui for example). I live in an area where I only have Joanns/Michaels/Home Depot, so I usually have to get creative with supplies (although I did just recently order foam from TNT Cosplay Supplies and that was an amazing discovery).

Where can we follow you online, and are there any other projects or platforms you'd like to promote in this interview?

I’m on Facebook:

Instagram: @Alexandria_thegeek

Twitter: @alexa_thegeek


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