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Lunar Crow Interview

Photo by Brandon Klemets 

I was so excited to have discovered Miss Lunar Crow a while back when she competed at Twitchcon in her Symmetra cosplay. Of course, it was a quick follow from me, and since then, she's also done an incredible Ana, D.Va, and has shown amazing progress on a handful of new projects. I am very excited to have her on the blog today to talk about her cosplay dreams, what it was like competing at Twitchcon, her first cosplay and more!

First things first, of the cosplays you have done, which is your favorite and why?

Every cosplay I make has a special place in my heart, but if I had to choose one favourite it would be my Symmetra cosplay from the video game Overwatch. I feel like this is the cosplay that truly got me noticed. I felt incredibly happy when I found out I was shared by Overwatch on their official social media channels and I even got compliments from the voice actor, Anjali Bhimani. I even got a free trip to TwitchCon as a finalist in the first ever Twitch cosplay contest. I'm very proud of the costume overall.

If time and cost weren't a factor, what is your dream cosplay?

Tyrael from Diablo III. I've been wanting to a do a genderbend version for so long. I've started something in 2015 but scrapped it over and over for lack of skill. I want to realize the cosplay in a certain way but I don't think I can yet! Soon, perhaps!


Lunar Crow Ana Cosplay

Photo by D.I.S.C. Photography

Last year, you got a chance to compete at Twitchcon with your (INCREDIBLE) Symmetra cosplay. What was that experience like, and do you plan on competing more in the future?

Thanks! I was super nervous on stage and hated the actual competition but loved the convention overall. It was a blast socializing with other creative streamers and content creators, and I was honoured to have won a spot in the contest. But I honestly hate competitions. Before competitions I always hype myself up before entering. "This will be fun, it's nice to show off my cosplay!" I always say to myself. But when I get on stage I'm shaking and I'm like, "Why did I sign up for this?!" Especially at TwitchCon where there was literally a sea of people watching live and thousands more watching on stream. Yikes. I like entering costume contests once in a blue moon. I'm not a fan of costume competitions in general.

Why do you cosplay? What about it brings you joy? :)

It's my creative outlet and major hobby. Whenever I get stressed thinking about real life problems, I'll just work on a project, and I become so engrossed with the actual costume making part I'll forget about everything. Hearing the humming of the sewing machine and the wails of a heat gun are super relaxing to me. When I work on a character I'm super passionate about and finish it, it gives me a sense of pride. Even if in the future I decide I give up on cosplay, I don't think I'll ever stop creating things with a sewing machine and/or heat gun.

You've cosplayed both Ana and Symmetra, both from Overwatch. What is it about Overwatch that inspires you to cosplay their characters, and are there plans to cosplay anything else from that IP?

Although it's gotten better over the years, there are a lack of POC characters in gaming/anime/comic fandoms. With Overwatch, there are a multitude of POC characters to cosplay from, and Blizzard always does a great job with their character design. The game is pretty fun too! I plan to cosplay Pharah next year in the spring.


Lunar Crow Symmetra Cosplay

 Photo by Hanamaru Photography

What is a favorite memory from doing cosplay? Maybe a convention experience, a challenge you overcame, meeting a hero, etc?

I'll never forget my first cosplay and wearing it to my very first convention. My first cosplay was Nidalee from League of Legends at a local gaming event. Looking back at it now, the costume was a hot mess express (the seams were glued using hot glue!! Cringe!) but I had so much fun cosplaying and after the event, all I could think about is what cosplay I was going to make next. Since I've been doing cosplay for a few years now, I've not been as excited as my first time even though I still really enjoy the hobby. I guess nothing beats your first time at your first event having fun with cosplay.

Who are some of your favorite cosplayers and why (and where can we find them?)

I have many talented cosplay friends from all over North America I share on my Twitter but I think the cosplayer I look up to the most is Yaya Han ( I know a lot of people's cosplay senpai is Yaya Han, but I really mean it. Her craftsmanship is always immaculate. Also, in cosplay, armour is so popular and people are more impressed than sewing. Yaya keeps me motivated with my sewing projects since she is truly a master of it, and my favourite is when she combines both armour and sewing for a costume. I get so inspired. I've had the pleasure of meeting her twice, one in costume and one out of costume. I was star struck both times and I was super excited when she recognized me the second time. She is so talented and truly cares about her fans.


Lunar Crow Cosplay

 Photo by Hanamaru Photography

What has been your favorite convention, and what convention would you still love to attend that you haven't yet?

SakuraCon in Seattle. It's a cosplay heavy convention, so I love seeing the cosplays and what everyone comes up with. The attendance is quite young so it's a treat seeing teenagers start cosplaying at a young age (something I wish I could've done, I didn't start cosplaying until I was 21). In the future, I would love to attend Anime Expo and Blizzcon in California, as well as Dreamhack in Europe because I would love to see European cosplay talent.

Do you have any other thoughts or words of advice for people wanting to jump into cosplay, but just might be a little intimidated or nervous to take that leap?

A cosplay doesn't finish itself, so the only way to get a cosplay done is to start! If you're truly overwhelmed, start with an easy character. There are tons of websites now that sell good cosplay at a fair price, and contrary to the popular belief, you don't have to make your cosplay to be a cosplayer. You can also support cosplay talent but commissioning a cosplay. There are tons of ways to get started and a multitude of resources online that can help you get going if you are stuck.


Lunar Crow Cosplay

Photo 1 by D.I.S.C. Photography / Photo 2 by Photography By The Maelstrom's Eye

Where can we follow you online, and are there any other projects or platforms you'd like to promote in this interview?

I am most active on Instagram ( and Twitter ( Other pages:


I'd like to shoutout and thank Foam Armor Club for this wonderful opportunity to be interviewed. I enjoyed doing this and am glad to be part of the club!

Thanks Lunar!! We are so excited to have interviewed you. Also, welcome to the club ;)


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