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About Foam Armor Club

Foam Armor Club was founded by cosplayer (and graphic designer) Erin of E-Rad's Cantina. This California-based small business is focused on bringing well-designed, comfy and highly-relatable apparel and accessories for the cosplay-obsessed.

From the Club

Not only is it hella comfortable, it looks rad too! Can't wait to get more of their stuff 😍😍


I decided to make Arya's new costume in 10 days before DragonCon, so this ridiculously comfy top from Foam Armor Club couldn't have come at a better time! 😁


Thanks to Foam Armor Club for this super comfy shirt! I identify with this sentiment so much, as I’ve been there many times!!!!


Cosplay Makes Me Happy

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Foam Armor Club Favorites


Cos-Slay Tank

Barbarian, princess, warlock. There isn't a cosplay you've made that isn't INCREDIBLE. You don't just cosplay... (are you ready for it?) YOU COS-SLAYYY. (boom, nailed it.)

Hilarious, I need it

It's Lit // Enamel Pin

Show off your intense LED skills with the "It's Lit" hard enamel pin. 

Time to Party
Cosplay T-shirt, the

Heat Guns T-Shirt

One heat gun is not nearly enough, you have graduated to TWO heat guns for maximum heating efficiency! Amazing.

This Shirt Gets It

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